Chipboard Screw Torx Head Zinc Plated

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Chipboard Screw Torx Head Zinc Plated is a product that has undergone heat treatment and is suitable for power tool installation.It is mainly used for the connection and fastening between wooden boards and between wooden boards and thin steel plates.To a large extent,Chipboard Screw Torx Head Zinc Plated can replace the use of ordinary wood screws(wood screws are not heat treated).At the same time,the wood screws are all produced by the shrinking rod technology first proposed by the navigation mark,which not only saves materials, but also has sharper threads.

In the entire fastener industry,Chipboard Screw Torx Head Zinc Plated is as important as drywall screw and has huge sales volume.It is widely used in furniture manufacturing and other industries, but its use in the DIY market is still limited.Chipboard Screw Torx Head Zinc Plated is mainly used to install guide rails,hinges,cooperate with fish expansion installation,and replace wood screw installation to make furniture,cabinets, etc.Chipboard Screw Torx Head Zinc Plated is an improved product of ordinary fiberboard screw.It is mainly optimized from the design of the thread,pursues higher drilling speed,and solves the problem of easy cracking when used on hard wood,with high technical content .

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