156mm 72Cells Poly Silicon Solar Panel

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Solar panel also called PV module or Solar cell, is the most important component in the solar system. Actually, a collection of a number of solar cells combined into a single solar panel then solar panels comprise a solar array. The most common type of solar panel uses crystalline silicon in the form of wafers, market share more than 80%.

Let see how the solar panels work!

When sunlight is applied to a semiconductor, photons with energy greater than the semiconductor band gap will excite electron-hole pairs within the semiconductor. Before the electron-hole pair recombination, if it can pass through the depletion layer, it can be separated under the junction voltage, so that the original built-in electric field barrier is lowered, the electron moves to the n region and the hole moves to the p region to generate photogeneration. The separated electrons and holes make the p region positively charged and the n region negatively charged, so a potential difference is generated between the n region and the p region, which is the photovoltaic effect.

*Excellent Low-light Performance


*Light weight

*High Density Packaging

*25 Years Warranty

* Certifications: CE, TUV, INMETRO, PSI,COC

*OEM/ODM acceptable

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