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What is the process of printing books?


Prepress - printing - postpress processing.

Among them, pre-press: text layout - layout design - cover design; proofing - film production.

Among them, the text is edited and read: text entry—primary proofreading—modification—Erqinling proofreading—modification—sending to the author for final proofreading.

Among them, the layout design: first row - first review (unified text title format style) - modification - second review - modification - final review.

Among them, the cover design: art design - determine the binding method - preliminary review - revision - final review.

After the above three items are completed, the person in charge (usually the editor-in-chief) will sign the final draft.

After the draft is finalized, the sample is released.

After the film is released, it will be checked by the responsible editor and sent to the printing factory.

Among them, printing: recording - imposition - printing - paper cutting - printing - inspection.

Records: register the number of the manuscript, and then issue the production process sheet (including imposition process, printing process, binding process, printing number, paper size, finished product size, printing time, delivery time, etc.)

Among them, the imposition: imposition according to the process sheet (different impositions in different binding methods) - folded hand inspection - waiting for drying.

Among them, printing: printing according to the requirements of the process sheet (the printing time needs to be increased or decreased according to the color of the picture and text)—revision—to be printed.

Among them, paper cutting: cut large paper according to the requirements of the craft sheet - check the number of paper according to the layout - to be printed.

Among them, printing: printing according to the requirements of the craft sheet - printing out the first sheet of paper and folding the sample by hand - strict follow-up of the color format (the author looks at the sample in special cases) - ensuring the quality and quantity (accurate rules, accurate overprinting of the quilt, ink and wash balance).

Among them, the big inspection: inspect the quality, rules, and quantity—record the actual quantity of the final qualified products to ensure that the binding is added.

Among them, post-press processing: records - large page first inspection - folding - (saddle stitch) - (cable) - (wireless proofreading) - (cable perfect binding) - hardcover; cover process - Lamination - (UV) - (bronzing) - (convex) Finished product inspection, packaging, labeling and warehousing.


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