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The application effect of waterproof and breathable film in VR glasses


With the advancement of game virtual world technology, the virtual world has become a part of life. Nowadays, most consumers are not only satisfied with consoles, PCs or mobile platforms, but the emergence of AR smart glasses brings consumers the feeling of combining virtual and reality. AR technology is a combination of various technologies such as simulation and computer graphics, and a brand-new means of human-computer interaction and communication created with the help of computers and the latest sensor technology, bringing consumers a combination of virtual and reality experience.

During the manufacturing and testing stages of AR glasses, the housing will be deformed due to the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the housing. The waterproof and breathable membrane can balance the internal and external pressure difference, improving product efficacy and reliability. And according to customer needs, provide a variety of gradient airflow solutions to ensure that the AR glasses will not suffer from slow heat dissipation, pressure difference accumulation and shell deformation due to temperature rise during operation.

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