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Spiral Wound Gasket with Outer Ring


Style KXT 600-CG Spiral wound gasket with outer ring

Spiral wound gasket with outer ring with suitable dimensioning of the centering ring, the sealing element is accurately centered on

the flange face by the bolts. A general purpose gasket for use with flat face and raised face flanges



• Automatically adjusts to the changes of the pressure, temperature and vibration

• Used for high pressure and high temperature

• Can often be used where other gasket failed

• Wide choice for metal strip and fillers

• Easy installation

Good Sealing Effect

• Excellent sealing capability on the irregular flange surface

• Excellent sealing capability compared to the size

• Nearly zero leakage

Cheap Price

• Any shape of size is available with reasonable price

• Good production capacity & short delivery time


• High temperature & pressure equipment

• Extreme Low temperature equipment

• General flange gasket

• Raised face flange

• Flat face flange

• Pump

• Valve., etc

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