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Detailed explanation of seven kinds of kitchen cabinet materials


Detailed explanation of seven kinds of cabinet materials

Cabinets are used as long-term furniture in the home, and product quality is an important reference factor. However, there are many cabinet industries in the market, the product materials are uneven, and the styles are all unique. It is difficult to have a unique standard of judgment as a means of consumer analysis. Therefore, analysis from product materials is an effective method that can also highlight problems.

solid wood cabinet

There are usually three types of solid wood cabinets: pure solid wood panels, solid wood composite panels, and solid wood veneer panels.

Pure solid wood boards have strict requirements on wood species

Advantages: overall consistency, luxury and classic, good effect

Cons: Expensive

Solid wood composite boards and solid wood veneers are based on solid wood splicing materials, and solid wood veneer is pasted on the surface of MDF

Advantages: the surface is pasted with solid wood veneer, which can control the color difference and achieve a beautiful and generous effect, and the price is relatively cheap

Disadvantages: relatively weak quality

Comments: What kind of material is good for the cabinet? From the above we know that the solid wood board has more texture and has more advantages in the original sense, but the quality is relatively weak.

Paint board cabinets

There are two types of paint boards: baking varnish and polyester paint. Baking varnishes are composed of resins and additives and can be polished. Polyester paint adopts spray painting process without baking, the surface is matte effect without polishing, and the emphasis is on firmness and adhesion.

PVC board cabinet:

PVC board material is vacuum pumped and textured

Advantages: richer three-dimensional shapes, more colorful textures, and the overall process is covered, with better waterproof and moisture-proof performance

Disadvantages: The surface is easily scratched and damaged, and the material properties are not resistant to high temperature, and the plate is easy to deform

Comments: What kind of material is good for derailment? The appearance of PVC sheet cabinets is colorful and rich, which is more harmonious with the theme of the house, but the defects of material properties are inevitable.

Crystal panel cabinet

The crystal plate is painted on the surface of the plate and pasted with plexiglass plate. Because the processes of wrapping, edge sealing and trimming are completely manual, plus the characteristics of plexiglass itself, the construction is troublesome and has many shortcomings.

Fireproof board cabinet

Particleboard [density board] is used as the base material, and it is made after being pressed and pasted by the cabinet processing factory. It has more fire-resistant performance, so it has the name of fire-resistant board.

Advantages: fire resistance, high temperature resistance, friction resistance, impact resistance, acid, heat and alkali resistance

Disadvantages: troublesome processing and production, it is difficult for ordinary teams to guarantee quality, and it needs to be carefully identified

Plastic Border Panel Cabinets

The plastic frame board is pasted on the surface of the substrate with some plastic decorative bread

 Advantages: The new product is beautiful and noble, rich in color

Disadvantages: It is easy to deform, fall off, twist and fade over time, and there are dead spots for cleaning

Melamine board cabinet

Similar to the fireproof board cabinet, it is also based on particleboard, with a fireproof board on the surface and a metal frame on the edge

Advantages: fire resistance, high temperature resistance, friction resistance, impact resistance, acid, heat and alkali resistance

Disadvantages: The three-dimensional shape is not fixed, and the metal frame is only visual and has no practical effect

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